How To Add Your Logo To The Krone Big M500

A) How To Create Your Logo

Use The Logo Template

Download The “Logo Template” Here.
Downloading The Template, Open The “Insert_Logo_Here.png” Using Any
Image Editor Program You Need  (Like: Photoshop Or Paint.Net)
If You Want You Can Use An Online Image Editor Website Like “Photopea. If You Already
Know How To Create Your Own Logo, Skip To Step B.

1) Open The Template (Using Photopea)


First Off All, Open Your Favorite Web Browser, Then Open Photopea.
When The Website Loads All You Have To Do Is Drag And Drop (img.1) The
Template You Downloaded Using The Link Provided Above To Open It.

2) Add Your Own Logo


After Opening The Logo Template, Now It Will Be Easier For You To
Create Your Own Logo Without Getting Any Hidden Part Of It.
Your Second Step Will Be To Add Your Logo On The Template. All You Have
To Do Is Just Drag And Drop Your Logo Over The Template You Already
After Importing Your Logo Into The Template File, Center It Inside The
White Space Of The Template, (White Space Is Already Visible In Game,
The Black Space Will Be Cropped).
After Centering Your Logo, Just Open The Layer Panel (img.2)
And Delete The Template Layer, So Only Your Logo Will Be Visible In

3) Saving Your Logo


When You Finish All The Logo Editing, It’s Time To Save The File. Just
Click On: File >
Export As > More > .DDS
, A Pop Up Window
Will Open.
Be Sure To
Save It 512X512
And Check The Mipmap And
Compression (img.3).
And Then Click The Save Button, Your Logo Will Be Automatically

B) Adding Your Own Logo To The Mod


After Creating Your Logo And Saving It. Now It’s Time To Add It To The
Mod. First Of All Be Sure That Your Logo Name Has The Same Name Of The
Template You Downloaded Before, If Not Just Rename It To : Insert_Logo_Here , Now
You Are Ony One Step Away From Adding Your Logo To The Mod. Just Drag
And Drop Your Logo Over The Zip File (img.4). And That’s All, Your Logo
Is Added To The Krone
Big M500.

Opening The Game


After Opening The Game, Go To The Store And Open The Krone Big M500,
While Purchasing It, Scroll Down To “Contractor”
And Choose “Personal
You Will Find Your Logo Is Installed On The Krone Big M500.(img.5)

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